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T&F Studio

Who we are
Who we are

T&F was born in 2005 and is involved in developing new product ideas for fast moving consumer goods, selling products to the main chains of large-scale retail trade and to the best specialized shops. We have an innovative approach to the market and we are able to cover all the marketing aspects, from market to market.

What we do
What we do

Based on a deep and precise analysis, we identify the product positioning with innovative elements and develop it with a great creativity following the Italian style and tradition. Our process identifies three main steps: research and development, design and style, product, category management.

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Innovative partners: InfoodLab


Food innovation: study, research and creation of innovative and sustainable food, utilizing the most recent technologies to improve the developement of new products.


  • Create healthy and innovative food
  • Enhance and develop ingredients and components
  • Optimization of the processes of production
  • Create a valid commercial alternative in the market